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The second law of thermodynamics states that all matter, systems and organizations begin in a state of order and move towards a state of chaos over time. In other words, TIME KILLS ALL DEALS. Welcome to NicheStaffing the most effective technical recruiting firm anywhere. We were founded on the premise of providing ethical, efficient and highly personalized technical recruiting services to each individual and client that we work with. Our technical reruiters take a consultative approach to recruiting and are focused on creating win/win solutions for everyone concerned. This results in long term search solutions for our client companies and excellent career opportunities for our candidates. All of our solutions, all of our decisions, in fact everything we do is based on timeframes and the clock is ticking.......

Thinking Outside The Box

NicheStaffing is committed to being the industry leader in technical recruiting for the Data Storage and Networking market. We will accomplish this by offering innovative recruiting solutions and quality service to everyone we work with. All of our technical recruiters are thoroughly knowledgeable in their respective areas of technology and constantly monitor market trends and conditions as they arise. NicheStaffing specializes in the technologies that drive your business. Below is a list of just some of the technologies and markets we focus on.

Recruiters Specializing In

  • Data Storage Systems Technologies
    ATA, ATAPI, DAS, DLT, Enterprise Storage, Fibre Channel, FireWire (1394), HDD, HSM, IDE, ISCSI, NAS, ODD, RAID, SAN, SAS, SATA, SCSI, SSD, SRM, Virtualization
  • Data Networking Technologies
    ASP, AIN, ATM, Broadband, BISDN, Enterprise Networking, Gigabit Networking, IPsec, ISDN, LAN, NCP, SNA, TCP/IP, VoIP, WAN, WiFi
  • Risk Management
    Legal, Safety, Environmental, Financial, Insurance - Assessment, Management Strategies and Mitagation. Contract and Permanent
  • Engineering Positions
    Product Architecture, Technologist, Performance Analysis, Software Development, Hardware Design, Verification, System Design, Firmware Development, Applications Engineering, Test and Integration
  • Business, Sales & Marketing Positions
    New Product Introduction (NPI), Product Planning, Product Management, Product Marketing, Business Development, Strategic Planning, Sales Management, Channel Sales, Marketing Analyst, Marketing Management
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